Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Blind Fold Game

Have you ever played the blind fold game?  I have.It is fun. You can’t stop laughing.
Our class sat in a circle and Miss Lavakula called out the names of those who had to
come and put on a blindfold and sit next to a bowl of rice.

Once you had sat next to a bowl of rice you had to wait until Miss Lavakula started the time.We only had one minute.Once the time started you had to take out golden
safety pins from the bowl of rice.You had to take out as many as  you could.Once the time stopped you have to take off the blindfold and count the the safety pins.

When it was my turn I put on a blindfold and sat next to a bowl of rice. Miss Lavakula
said “Are you ready?”
We all said “Yes!”, and then she started the time. When it was up to 54 seconds, I grabbed a whole pile of rice and some safety pins and put it on a piece of paper. Once it got up to 12 seconds, I grabbed another whole pile of rice and a few safety pins.Then  I added up the safety pins and I got ten.

When you look at someone playing it looks easy
but when it was my turn it was really really hard.When I felt the rice it felt like safety pins that was the hard bit about it.



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