Thursday, 18 June 2015


Have you ever played basketball?Basketball is a sport that includes a ball
a hoop and a basketball court.

Do you know the v dribble. v dribble is when you have to dribble the ball and make a v shape.When you use this dribble you can do a side step.
Have you ever  done the bongo drums the  bongo drums is when you have to start by dribbling and going lower and bounce the basketball like you are hitting bongo drums.When you go lower  it increases the ball to go faster and faster.

Do you know the game called golden child some of you haven't  played and some of you have.Golden child is a game you need to teams to play this game.One team is shooting and the other team is running.The last person at the end of the line is golden child.When the team that is shooting gets it inside the hoop the person thats running
has to stop.

As soon as it the golden childs turn the golden
child  has to run as fast as he can to get to the end and if
the golden child passes you the person that had to stop can run with the golden child.My freind Toni was golden child
and when he came back he was red like rose and he said

i'm never going to be golden child next time.

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