Friday, 5 February 2016

All about me


All about me
I am Isaac I go to pt england school.

I like sports and all sorts of stuff.

I am most likely going to tamaki college
and I also like rugby .

I like to make new friends.

I try to make people happy.

Everyday  I do my chores.

My favourite team in NRL is the rabbitohs.

I love school and learning.

I am eleven years old going on to twelve.



  1. Hi Isaac,
    I'm so impressed you managed to post to your blog even though you are at health camp. I hope to come visit you while you are there. I hope things are going well. I was wondering where you were until Vaifoa told me. Have a great time at camp and I'll see you when you come back to school.

    Love Miss Lavakula

  2. You actually do your chores... REALLY. I like your favourite NRL team. I do not do many chores at home, I rarely do the dishes