Friday, 26 June 2015

A Present From Pudding

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WALT: Find the main ideas of the text

Answer the following questions:

  1. What did Kylie do when Pudding brought a duckling home?she keeped it for a night and returned it in the morning
  2. How did the Mother duck that was her duckling when Kylie returned it?maybe it looked the same.
  3. Why didn’t Kylie’s parents believe her when she told them about the duckling?maybe the story came out wrong
  4. Give one reason why Pudding brought a duckling home?for a present for kylie.

Activity: Everything below needs to be uploaded to your blog with the WALT
Insert an image of Pudding the cat (from the story or from online if you can find one)
Use sumopaint to draw a picture of a duckling (insert this into your google drawing)

What happened at the beginning of the story?pudding came back with a duckling.
What happened in the middle of the story?she returned the duckling back to its mother.
What happened at the end of the story? pudding came back with 7 more ducks.

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