Friday, 17 November 2017

Owl Painting NO:1

It was around 12:50 when my friend David came up to me & said that we had to go to Mrs Eadie  to do some art & I was surprised to hear that a teacher wants me to use my artistic skills to paint a owl for her. This owl was given to us to paint & draw on to support cancer society. I was confused at first but as days past I was getting the hang of it. We put 2 coats of each paint forest green, navy blue & red but now we are getting ready to put our art & design over the paint with pencil then paint it with the colours that we got. 

Thursday, 2 November 2017



Today we folded a long strip of paper into 1/2 then we got given a equivalent question like how does 1/2 = 2/4 = 4/8. Then we folded the paper in half again and it made 1/4 & we folded it again in half and got 1/8 

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Launch your success

Andrew Peterson arrived to our school this morning and talked to us about our future. He made google slides to show what he had come up with about our future. He showed us a formula to success (A+I=M) the A means aspiration the I means Inspiration the M means motivation. These are the key's to success & that is the formula that he told us. He also told us that there was year 7 that gave up his lunch money for a homeless man for 2 weeks & later on those 2 weeks the homeless man grew to become stronger & have more will on him to have a life again 

Friday, 20 October 2017


Mr Wiseman taught us how to make our own music on garage band. Garageband is a app from imac os. Mr wiseman taught us how to keep in time with the beat & how to get started if your new to garageband.

We learnt how to create a beat from scratch & showed us some examples that he did. He told us to record the beat that we did so that it is saved & put into our animations that we make.
The D.L.O for this term is creating music to suit our emotions
that we traced by taking photos on PhotoBooth. Photobooth is also 
from imac os.

Mr Jacobson's Act

Mr Jacobson's Act
Mr Jacobson's act was very historical because he brought some ancient horns that were invented in the stone age. The very first horn he blew was a conch shell horn. They invented this horn because sometimes you don't need to shout across the river or ocean you just need to blow the conch shell.

The second horn was made by antelope horn. He talked about how you can make this so the first & only step was to chop off a bit of the horn making a little hole at the end & that's the bit that you blow in too. The reason they invented this kinda thing was as same as the conch shell so they did'int have to yell over the desert sand dunes. 

The third horn was the army bugle made to call in solders for meetings or another urgent things that soldiers did or needed to do.
They crafted this unique horn from a piece of pipe then bent into a paperclip shape.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

My Final Immersion Assembly At Pt England School

Immersion Assembly
This morning was the very last Immersion Assembly for the year 8's at Pt England School. The first item was team 1 playing snap with cards & listening to music while playing. They listened to dramatic violin instrumental music & made that emotional face that goes with the music. They expressed all the emotions for each song they did. 

The next item was from team 2. They sang a song that's famous from Disney called (Into The Jungle) they came in 1 by 1 sitting on chairs with` there own instrument singing Into The Jungle 
the first person with an instrument that walked on the stage was Mrs Gaston.

Team 5 was the last team to preform. They did a act about a family sitting down for family movie night. The movie they watched was lion king with different songs expressing the emotions of the movie.