Friday, 25 September 2015

The Blind Fold Game

Have you ever played a blind fold game before? If you haven't then you should have a go.
Today our class had a go at playing the blindfold game. First we sat in a circle and waited for our teacher to give us the instructions. She said that you had to put on a blindfold and  wait for a container.

When she finished giving us the instructions, we got to pick a plastic color ball to put inside the container, but it wasn't easy. Our teacher spread out the colored balls so we had to get the balls that we picked and get all of them into the bucket.

When the game started we raced up to the balls and tried  to get all the colors. When I went to get the blue balls, I felt something hit my head and it felt like a ball. Then I just carried on getting the blue balls and it was fun.

If we got to play that game again it would be really cool. Did you know that there was more blindfold games and it was fun today.
Walt: I am thinking about my purpose and reader by planning my recount.
We are learning how to write recounts which are easy to read and interesting for our readers.

Monday, 14 September 2015

My Timetabel

Walt: Recognise and learn multiplication facts

Clay candel holders

Aug 19, 2015 7:49:10 AM.jpg
WALT: Identify the author’s purpose
Use clues in the text to help us understand new vocabulary

Answer the following questions:

  1. Describe what clay is like before it’s shaped squishy rocky and slippery
  2. What do the children do with their clay before it went into the kiln?heats up stuff
  3. Explain what a kiln is it heats up stuff
  4. List all the safety procedures children follow once they take their candleholders out of the kiln gloves hair nets boots

Issac Poems

    Walt: write a poem using nouns, verbs and adjectives

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Butter Butter Butter

Butter butter butter have you made homemade butter? You should, it tastes really nice. When we made butter today we put some cream and a pinch of salt into a jar. We poured some cream into the jar and we put the lid  around it and then we passed it around. Once Miss Garden gave us the jar we had to give it two shakes.

First we got some cream and poured it into a jar with a pinch of salt to finish the work. Then you put the lid on and give it heaps of shakes. After a couple of shake we open the jar and you will see whipped cream that means you're half way there, When you finished giving it more shakes you open the jar and you will see a solid yellow blob.

After making the butter we tasted it and it tasted divine . When I took a bite it felt soft and mushy but it tast really nice. To me it tasted like creamy milk. But luckily we didn't have to eat it without bread. We had some bread to spread the butter onto. It tasted so nice it was melting in my mouth.

I am so happy we made butter to day it tasted so divine.

My introduction is boring.
It is difficult to read.
My introduction is easy to read and has some interest for my audience.
My audience is hooked into my subject, it grabs their interest so they feel like they want to read more.
When someone reads my introduction they are left feeling intrigued. They can't wait to read more.
My introduction does not tell the reader what my writing is going to be about.
My audience has some idea about what I am writing about.
My audience is clear what I am writing about.
My introduction lets the reader know the direction and purpose of my writing.

WALT: write an introduction that orientates and hooks in the reader.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Fraction Problems

WALT: Solve fraction problems using my knowledge of my timetables or divided by's.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Word Knowledge

Walt: Use cues from the text to read and understand new words

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Two Thirds

WALT: Solve fraction problems using my knowledge of my timetables or divided by's.