Thursday, 20 August 2015

Grass to Glass - the last 4 steps

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When the milk comes out of the warm pipes it goes through a cooler then the milk is cooled. The milkman comes to take the milk, he attaches a pipe that takes out all the milk. The milk gets measured and that tells the farmer how much money he gets.

The milk that comes out of the cow has lots of cream and if you do not want cream it goes to the separator to get the, milk and cream  separated and it makes all types of milk the green milk has no cream the blue on has some cream.

Once it goes through the separator it has a bit of germs then boiled up to 72 celcius to get the,bacteria  killed by pasteurising the milk.When it is finished pasteurising it is good to drink.

When the milk is finished plastering they put it in bottles for you to drink.

WALT:We are learning about milk from how grass to glass.

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