Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A Bike Track

bicicleta Mountain Bike,

1. What had to be done before Nick and Abby went for their special ride?They had to wait until it was fixed.
2. Explain what a ‘bike track’ is A bike track is like a path that bikes go on it can be a bush or a path on the highway
3. Why did they ride their bikes in single file?so they don’t crash and bump into echoer
4. Explain where their track started and finished it starts at the farm house and ends at the grassy hill side

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Anzac Day

Papaver rhoeas

WALT: explain and find the missing words for a paragraph about ANZAC
Fill in the missing spaces:

Anzac stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps.  It marks the day where several served in World War One in 1915. That is one hundred  years ago, this year. Some soldiers died and others came back home. They went to Gallipoli to fight against soldiers from Thailand.  
Now in New Zealand and all over the world, people have dawn Cemetery. It is where people can go and remember what happened.  This takes place on 25th of April. Poppies were sold in 1922 to raise money for soldiers and their famileys.  These are sold before Anzac Day and the money goes to RSA’s.  RSA stands for the Royal New Zealand Rangers and Soliders Association.

Draw a poppy Wreath using sumopaintScreenshot 2015-04-23 at 10.14.24.png
Present this paragraph in a google drawing or a presentation with images. Include your drawing to your blog.

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Tinkering Tools & Toys

In class we are learning about tinkering tools and toys.If you don't know go on the pt england site.

My Hoilday

In the holidays I went to e.r.c short for edmund rice camp at e.r.c we do fun stuff like the flying fox.The flying fox is a swing  kind of like a hand glider you have to sit on the saddle
and then you jump off the edge of the table and zoomed across the campsite like really fast.

After the flying fox we went for lunch.For lunch we had we had pizza that we made ourselves.First we washed our hands and grabbed a bun and  put tomato pastry on it then heaps of cheese beef and ham then we put it in the oven.Once it was ready we went for lunch and played outside.

Free time was the best thing about camp.For
free time I went on on Ben’s shoulders and Pate’s.
I stayed on until his shoulders got tired and weak.
When free time was finished we went to wash our hands and go to the dining room for dinner.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Year 5 & 6 Camp

WOW IT IS CAMP TODAY! DAYS WENT FAST FOR ME! Year 5 & 6 camp is starting today. I quickly jumped out of bed had a shower and jumped into my day clothes which were track pants and a singlet. As I was doing my hair I looked into the mirror and I knew that it was going to be a good day.

When I got to school I went to the water fountain and filled up my bottle with nice cold water.After I filled up my bottle I went to the hall with my friends.Once we were in the hall we
were talking for a while then Mr Burt came into the hall to talk to us about camp.After that we went to do our first activity and that was to practice our item for Thursday.
Our camp song was kung fu fighting.

The next thing to do was eat morning tea.After morning tea
we did table tennis,roller blades,b ball. I put on the roller blades and skated into the breeze and out to the hard court.
I took off the roller blades and walked to the table tennis
and played for a while.I got bored and went back on the roller blades and skated out to the hard court.

My favourite activity was kayaking.I really enjoyed kayaking because when you fall off your kayak it really.I went into the deep pool as soon as the closed sign got taken away.Then we all went to the bombing pool and the shallow pools. Then we went for lunch and then we got changed and went on the bus and went to school.