Monday, 9 March 2015

Mustileds 2

Typical ferret coloration
WALT: Use clues from the text to read and understand new words

1. What does grandad use for bait in the trap? chick eggs

2. Use google to find the meaning for: clamber

3. Apart from mustelids, what other animals are pests?weasel,ferret,stoat

4. Name two native birds to New Zealand kea and weka

5. Why can’t grandads trap catch any birds?cause the trap is for the mustelids and the whole is too small for the birds

This is what your blog post should look like:

Title: Mustelids
Find an image of a mustelid trap

In one paragraph write down an explanation of how it works.

Write your paragraph here. Get a buddy to from your group to check that it makes sense.

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