Tuesday, 3 March 2015

write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.

Start your writing here:
Last week we went to Omaru Creek for something special.
We had to line up and walk to Omaru Creek as we walked passed the gate we saw
a big tent next to the creek and there were statues of a bird and people and we saw bamboos, coconut tops, and purple, yellow, white strings tied to the to the trees.
We had to sit down on the grass and there was more people there from different
schools.We waited for five min then we heard a man walking down from the side
walk towards us and he was picking up some rubbish there  was this other man inside the sewer tunnel he came outside and he was talking to us he jumped up on to the grass
and started walking towards the camp tent as we got there they gave us some paper
and pen afthere that we had to look at the creek and it was so dirty that my friend could smell it and he nearly spude up    

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