Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Weet Bix Eating Contest

Three, two, one yelled my ,teacher,. This morning team four went outdoors to do a eating contest.

First we had to get a partner than one of you’s have to go at the back of your partner and put you hand threw their hands like one person put there hand on their hips and one puts there hand threw the person's hand and then you wait for your teacher to bring the food.

When Miss Lavakula finished giving us the food we counted down from three so three, two, one everyone rushed up to the plates and
every thing went wrong there was food all over  every ones face. Once they finished eating the weetbix with cream they were on to the apple.
They finished the apples and when they looked at me their face was a mess.

Once we all finished we had to go and wash our face but when I washed my face it felt like slime and it smelled like rotten cream. When we finished we all went down on the mat ready for our fitness.
My favorite part was when we got all messy.

When we finished I felt like going for another round and we did. I got to feed my freind weetbix and cream and also apple then we went and watched a video of the film we took.

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