Thursday, 26 November 2015

Camp bentzon 2015

Wow I can't believe that was a week of camp it was really fast.On the first day of camp we unloaded the bags from the ferry.When we finished unloaded the ferry we saw a big building, play ground and a volleyball court.

Mr Somerville said to us when the bugle blows that might mean we are going for a run or going to eat.Mr J blew the bugle we all lined up in our group.Our group names were Kawau, Mansion, Bentzon and katz.

We saw a  man coming walking straight to us he told us his name and his name was peter and woman named erin.Mr somerville said that they were the boss of the camp.When he finished talking to us we went strait to our hike.

The hike was really bad everyone was complaining but we still managed to get to the top to the other side.Then we had to come back the way we came and it was really steep.Once we finished the hike we got a bit of free time there were heaps of options one was playing on the playground second was vollyball court and playing with the sports gear.

At camp it was really cool only if I could live there.When I we got there I thought it was going to be boring but instead it was extremely super super cool.


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  1. I'm really glad you enjoyed camp. What was your favourite part about it?