Thursday, 22 October 2015

NZ Native Animal Report

Kiwis are New Zealand native bird and it is also an icon of the flag and other stuff.

Diet: The kiwi eats earthworms, snails, cockroaches, larvas, beetles, caterpillars, crickets, wetas, centipedes, frogs, spiders and also chrysalis.

Habitat: Kiwis make their habitats in the ground just like the tuatara. It makes a little burrow but it's just like a bear's den. Then they gather feathers for its nest to make it nice and warm.
Characteristics: Some kiwis are really gentle but if you get on its nerves then it will probably get aggressive. sometimes it can be nice and calm.

Description: A kiwi has two legs, a long beak and it is colored gray and whitish. A kiwi has a relative that is called the emu but they look the same but one of them is really big.

Other Interesting Fact: Kiwis can weigh up to 3.3 kg. Kiwis
have their nose on the end of their beaks. Kiwis are nocturnal that mens that they come out at night and sleep in the day.

Walt: Report factual information about a New Zealand Native Animal or Creature

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