Thursday, 15 October 2015


In the holidays I went to Parakai Springs with a holiday program and it was a long until we reached our location. When we were driving to the pools we saw the aventure trees that’s where we went during our last holiday. When we got inside we saw two hydro s slides and I was the first one to try it out.

When I jumped in the pool I thought it was going to be cold because it was an outdoor pool. As my feet first touch the water it was really cold so instead of swimming I went to the hydra slide. I grabbed a board and ran up the stairs and I waited for the other people in front of me to go first.

I jumped on to the board and I went really fast. When I was up to a turn I quickly stood up on the board and it was like I was surfing.. I was still going but then I saw a bit of sun light and it got bigger and bigger until I saw the end of the slide then
I skimmed on the board.

When I came out of the slide I went into the indoor pool for a swim and it was nice and warm. After a little swim I went to have some lunch.When I finished my lunch

I went to my bag and grabbed my goggles for another swim at the outdoor pool. Screenshot 2015-10-15 at 09.32.08.png
This week we are writing about our holiday and the immersion assembly but we were not aloud to do the immersion assembly writing because our teacher wanted us to right our holiday writing:)

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