Thursday, 23 July 2015


Have you ever been to a holiday program? If I was you I will probably go.

In the holidays I went to the holiday program we get to play pool table on rainy days and in the morning when you arrive.In the morning I arrived at the center and no one was there it was only the helpers and some kid my age.I went to stand in line to play on pool table.

When it was lunch time me and my friends Joe,Azua,John
and Junior played rugby league with my ball.When Junior
passed me the ball Wesley was in front of me then I looked
and they were all in front of me so I decided to run it up strait and they all tried to tackle me but I felt like getting a try so I busted out of there hands and got a run away.

After league we all went inside to play bingo.If you want
to win you need to listen to the speaker.Instead of numbers
it was pictures of the moon and stuff.When we started the game the speaker said b t-shirt and I had a b t-shirt so
I grabbed a counter and covered up the t-shirt and I kept
on playing until I said bingo I went up to get my prize and it was yummy.

When bingo was over I went to the pool table and once I got there it was already my turn to play pool.I picked up a
que and I tried to spread it out when I was breaking.Once it brook it was Joe's turn to shoot he got the 7 in and he said it was his lucky number.

When it was home time we all played cards.On that day it was fun for me because I won 13 cards off joe.
It was cool because we got to do lots of stuff.

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