Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Shh - We’re watching TV!

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WALT: Read with fluency

Answer the following question:

  1. What were the family doing while they were watching tv?they were eating takeaways
  2. What was wrong with Smooch and Zac?they were hungary
  3. Explain why everyone wanted the animals to be quiet they wanted the animals to be quit because they were watching tv.
  4. List all the things the burglars stole mum and dads chairs,zac and smooch dish,the tv,the stove and the fridge,bench.

Mum - Aliyah
Dad - Charles
Scott - Germaine
Kayla - Lotu
Smooch - Josh
Zac - Isaac
Burglar Beth - Angels
Burglar Ben - Isaac

Activity 1: Write a paragraph to explain what this play is about

Title: Shh - We’re watching TV!
This is a play written by Jane Buxton.

Activity 2: Write down how you felt about sharing this play with the class. How do you think you did?aright

What do you think you could do better next time?act it out.

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