Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The Cast Away

The Cast Away
It was a scorching hot morning no one to talk to nothing to eat. But the only thing I can do is just watch the sun rise and set as I sit on my raft waiting to see if I can find a island to rest on. I thought maybe I can find some food or something that I can use to survive out there. The next sunrise I laid my eyes on a big island and I could never take my eyes off it. The island had so  Many coconut trees  I shouted out “COCONUTS” And jumped off my raft and started swimming as fast as I can but then I noticed that it wasn't there. “It was just my mind fooling me again” I said to myself  but it wasn't. I saw the island again maybe it was just the big waves that that covered it. I swam again to it and I made it. “I ran up the coconut tree and stayed up there but I couldn't hold on so I decided to let go.” I ripped off a piece of my t-shirt and tied it together to make a grip for my legs. I put my legs in the tied clothes and jumped on the tree and put my hands upwards and then I jumped and jumped and I got to the top and twisted the coconuts and they went tumbling down like meteors going to hit earth and then that is how you get coconuts. Once I got down i noticed my coconut out at sea so I ran towards the water and swam to the coconut I was so far from the island I couldn't swim any more. But them moments later a terrible storm came towards me and hit me like as if I was a little tree to it. The storm took me far and far out into the darkest depths of the ocean  but then I fell asleep on top of the water waiting for the storm to pass on. I awoke with a big gasp of breath and found myself lying on the seashore with big waves hitting me. I stood up and saw a city and people in it and also those things that are moving around on a track with yellow and white lines on it and a long long box with four wheels with a lot of people on it maybe it was because I was gone for like more than twenty years I forgot what thing were. So than I started a new life in the city. I got a job, a car , a house and a family now.Image result for the cast away    

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  1. WOW this is a cool story. It's a lot like the movie, but it also has a really good description of how to climb a coconut tree like they do in the islands. Do you know how to do that?

    Anyways, Kia ora Isaac!

    I'm Mark, a teacher working for the Summer Learning Journey you signed up for at the end of term. I just thought I would remind you that the progrmme still exists if you want something different to do during the holidays. Lots of your classmates are joining in now, so I didn't want you to miss out.

    There are loads of activities about travel and the world if you are interested. The best part about it is that you get to choose what you learn. The second best part is that there are experienced travelers and locals from other countries commenting as well!

    In any case, I hope you're having a good holiday,

    Kia Kaha and always do your best,