Thursday, 10 December 2015

End of The Year Reflection

This year was really fast and it is the last term of the year.This year was the best year ever.When it is the last week of the year we have to finish it off properly.This term my teacher was Miss lavakula,Mr goodwin and Mr somervell

This year in reading I moved from 8.5  to 10.5 I made so much improvement because when I was reading at 8.5 I was going to reading support and maybe that's where I got my good reading from.Next year im ameing for 12.5 and I hope I get there.

In writing this year I don't know which writing was the best but I think it was in the first term and the third term I got the best writing that I ever did.Next term im gonna try get
good writing every term.

In maths I'm in the exponents that is the second to highest group in our math class.
In term 1 I didn't know what to do but then when I got put into a group and then we started doing some work and I got the use of it and it got easier and easier and the hader
but then I got to do it and it was easy.Next time I am ameing for the hieghst group.

When lunch time is finished we come inside and wait for the teacher to give us the instructions.For inquiry We can do math whizz and  we learned about The pt england way.The next term we were doing tinkering tools and toys and then it was trade and enterprise now it is pes survivors.

Next year I am aiming for the highest group in the year 7 and 8 group.When I am a year 7 I am going to miss the year 5 and 6 block.

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