Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Chocolate Game

 Hey! Have you heard of the chocolate  game? Well this morning our class played the chocolate game.

The chocolate game is when you have to roll a dice and if it lands on the 6 then you have to get up and go put on six items.Once you got your 6 items on you then you go to the chocolate and try to cut it with a knife and fork.
If some one else gets the number six on there dice the person that was in first has to take all the items that he put on him off him and he has to sit down.

When I rolled a six I got up fast and furious.I ran to all the items and put
on six things. Once I put on the toto I heard everyone say “six” that meant I had to go and sit down.When I sat down the dice was half way near me.
I was so excited that when the dice came to me I rolled a two then I passed it on.

Once Tavake rolled a six it was my turn to roll the dice and I got a six then
Tavake had to come and sit in his spot.I done the same thing as last time I got up fast and ran to all the items and I heard the number six yelled out and I went back to sit down in my spot.I looked up I saw the dice a quarter of the way,  from me so then I waited a while and then Emmanuel was up next.

On the clock there was only ten minutes left until the game was finished.
Then Tavake was up next then it was me I had a feeling that I was going to roll a three but I did not I rolled a five I passed it on to Germaine.He rolled and he got a six on the dice.He got up really fast and raced to the
items he put on four things and the we all yelled out 6 and Montell got up and then the time finished but he still grabbed a chocolate and I cracked
up laughing.

The funniest part of this morning was when Martin said to Revaival
put on the tutu and the coconut bra.When Wesley rolled a six he was fast but miss Lavakula stopped the time.We had to stop what we were doing and listened to the instructions and waited.When Miss Lavakula finished talking we all went to pack up and wait.

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