Thursday, 7 May 2015

Nepal earthquake


You are going to write two detailed paragraphs about the Earthquake in Nepal. Explain what happened and what it must be like there now.

WALT: Use interesting words to write simple and complex sentences
Build your sentences into a paragraph

Choose 5 of the interesting words/ word groups here to use in your paragraph.

You are to write 2 paragraphs. Before you publish, make sure you re-read it, get a buddy to read it and make sure Miss Lavakula reads and checks it before you publish this to your blog.

In Nepal there was an earthquake that was measured 7.8 with on the richter scale.There were more than 5000 people had passed on by the falling building.

Some people were buried alive under the demolished
buildings.Even some had been under  broken houses.
Right now They should be rebuilding the demolished buildings.They have been sleeping on the roads since
the earthquake.They need food for their loved ones
that have been injured and have not been injured.    

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