Wednesday, 22 April 2015

My Hoilday

In the holidays I went to e.r.c short for edmund rice camp at e.r.c we do fun stuff like the flying fox.The flying fox is a swing  kind of like a hand glider you have to sit on the saddle
and then you jump off the edge of the table and zoomed across the campsite like really fast.

After the flying fox we went for lunch.For lunch we had we had pizza that we made ourselves.First we washed our hands and grabbed a bun and  put tomato pastry on it then heaps of cheese beef and ham then we put it in the oven.Once it was ready we went for lunch and played outside.

Free time was the best thing about camp.For
free time I went on on Ben’s shoulders and Pate’s.
I stayed on until his shoulders got tired and weak.
When free time was finished we went to wash our hands and go to the dining room for dinner.

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  1. Where was the Edmund Rice camp, Isaac? What did you do during free time at camp? It sounds like so much fun.