Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Two Tree's

Two trees

Answer the following questions:

1. Why didn’t the new tree want to put it’s roots down? the new tree had no time to put down his roots

2. Why did the new tree disappear after the storm?the new tree didn't listen to the old tree and he didn’t put it roots down

3. List three differences between the new and old tree

Old Tree:takes life slow, calm, nice, helpful,

New Tree:showing off, doesn't listen, acts like no ones talking to him,

4. What was the author’s secret message in this story?wants us to go slow
with life and don't  rush

5. What did you learn from this story?I learned something that the new tree wasn't listening and he got taken away

Blog Post:

Title: Two Trees

Use sumopaint to draw a picture of the old tree and new tree. Copy the picture from page 4

Upload your picture and the WALT and you answer from question 5 to your post.


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