Friday, 7 March 2014

A life cycle of a frog by Isaac.

Have you ever heard about the life cycle of a frog?
Well you came to the right kid.

A life cycle of a frog starts off as a egg.The egg is made out of a very special material  that look like jelly. The egg is call a spawn.

Spawn is a egg that looks like a jely that is rotten
but some of the eggs tern into a tadpole. A tadpole
is a little frog.  What is frog you ask? A frog is a slimy creature that likes to eat flies.    

After the tadpoles stage it grows into a  froglet.
A froglet is a frog with  no hands in front.The froglet turn’s into a adult frog.

The adult frog is a big frog that can look after its self.

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