Monday, 1 December 2014

My hoilday

My Holiday

In the holidays I went to my friends house and we watch the flash.
After my friends I went home and played the walking dead and then I went to the
creek and fished for catfish and eels.But then Billy came and then we had heaps of
fun we even caught 2 catfish.

After that I went to the beach with Billy and we let the catfish go in the fresh water
so it has heaps of space to swim and heaps of food to eat.Later Billy had to go
home and rest for his big game tomorrow morning.

When I got home there was a visitor and his name was david he was from my school and he helps me with my work.But when I got in I heard him say I am going to
boot camp and it is on february the 7th  2015 and I cant wait to go there.

When he went I watch the walking dead and did you know it is the last episode
next week on  monday that is when all the zombies come for flesh
and some of the survivors died because they blamed it on Norman Reedus and they got
eaten from the zombies that is what it said on on the add who will survive the

After that I played the game and the zombies came close up to me when I was healing my friend and then I died and I had to restart the level all over again then
I went to bed In the morning I done some fire works.

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