Wednesday, 15 October 2014

What a capitals

A capital letter is a big letter and it is bigger than the small letters that is what a capital
letter is.Some big letters and some small letters are different shape.

Do you know what a capital letter is well a capital letter is in the beginning
of a name.Capital letters are in thise name like Dj and Chris .Why are
capitals big and little letters are small how do get that?     

Capitals are in the abc and some capitals are in names.Did you know that
small letters are different shape same as the big letters.Small letters are
different to the capitals because small letters are small and big letters big.   

Have you had trouble with your capitals sometimes I do.When I see a
word that is spelt wrong I always go back and fix it.Capitals are in the
beginning of some letters like Movies and Art those are capitals.   

Capitals are in the first letter of House and Tv that is what capitals are.
sometimes normal text are spelt wrong when you think its right but it is not.
Radio is got a capital in its letter.  

A capital can be used in a beginning of a sentence
and can be used be in a beginning of letter.

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